Play 93 l/sec compressed air and play an ATEX certified safety

VHC200 L100 Z1 FM AU XXX

Ürün no 4061400049


VHC200 is a compressed air industrial vacuum easy to use. Designed to operate wherever electricity is forbidden or unavailable, it can collect wet and dry material. Model VHC200 is equipped with a powerful Venturi system and is available in serveral versions

Model VHC200 is compact and ergonomic so it is perfect to be moved everywhere in the production areas, even on tough grounds. The big wheels and the handle ensure fast and easy movements, while the container mounts castors and a practical handle allowing a simple lifting and emptying of it. An excellent filtrtation is granted by the large star filter and in case of very fine or hazardous dust also the upstream HEPA absolute filter is available. The vacuometer monitors constantly the filter efficincy and the filetr shaker allows to clean it in a very fast way. ATEX versions for zones Gas 1-2 and Dus 21-22 are available.

Specific versions for additive manufacturing available.

    • 50 or 100 liters container
    • manual filter shaker
    • vacuometer
    • for continuous use (24/7)
    • stainless steel versions
    • Hepa upstream absolute filter available
    • ATEX versions or zones Gas 1-2 and Dus 21-22 available
    • Versions for liquids collection available
    • Specific versions for additive manufacturing available

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